Lexi-Bella Photography Learning Series

Do you have a [D]SLR or Micro 4/3 or mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera? Do you REALLY know how to make use of its capabilities, or are you shooting in "Auto" like a Point-and-Shoot?

Here at Lexi-Bella Photography we understand that you can't hire a professional photographer to tag along with you and capture every single precious moment; we also understand the importance of capturing good, quality images that you can treasure forever!

To this point, we are beginning the Lexi-Bella Photography Learning Series. The Learning Series will be composed of multiple classes for avid amateurs that will cover the fundamentals of photography, the use of natural and artificial light, as well as composition and working with your OWN family to produce excellent images you can cherish for a lifetime!

Current Course Offerings:

LBP101: Your DSLR: Exposure
A technical introduction to photography

LBP211: Life, Lit Beautifully
An introduction natural lighting

LBP305: Your DSLR: Advanced Technical Shooting
An advanced technical mentorship