LBP 101: Your [D]SLR: Exposure
A technical introduction to photography
Taught by Robert Fuller

An Overview

The general objective of this course is to learn to properly expose a photograph in "full" Manual mode. Topics covered will include the three components to photographic exposure: Shutter Speed (SS), Aperture (f/ stop), and ISO, how they work together, and how each affects your final photograph.

"Some" Details

In addition to the three components to photographic exposure, expanded topics will include:
Stopping Action
Determining factors for Depth-of-Field
Zoom lenses vs. Fixed focal length (Prime) lenses
Variable aperture vs. fixed aperture, "Pro" or "Fast" Glass
Don't worry if your head hurts at this point, we'll also be explaining all this fancy jargon!

This course is designed for anyone that currently owns a digital camera with the capability to shoot in a fully Manual Mode, and would like to learn to use its capabilities to a greater extent.

"More" Details

Courses are currently offered in New Haven County, CT. Courses will be limited in attendance to a small number to facilitate hands-on learning. Course is taught by Robert Fuller, Learning Director for Lexi-Bella Photography.

Course is approximately 4 hours, including interactive hands-on work with your camera!
Class is on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment is due at time of registration and is non-refundable. Must have a DSLR (or other digital camera capable of being operated in a fully Manual Mode) and lens for class.

$135- pp
All dates are currently sold out!

Additional dates, and locations are announced continually, so check back often!
For more information or to inquire about additional dates, please e-mail us!

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