LBP305: Your DSLR: Advanced Technical Shooting
A technical mentorship
Taught by Robert Fuller

An Overview

This course is taught as a one-on-one, online mentorship via e-mail. The course is self-paced, but fully interactive. It will be presented as a series of exercises over a few weeks. This course is available only to those who have completed LBP101: Exposure. The exercises will be specifically designed to build from the point where the first class completed, by working with the skills we learned. Assignments will begin by focusing on mastery of exposure and then expand to include introductory work with lighting and composition. Like LBP101, this is a technical course taught by Robert; however, it will reinforce & expand on concepts we did not approach in the introductory course which may be limiting your ability to create the images you want. The personal, interactive construct of the course encourages questions about the assignments and each submitted image will be critiqued so we can improve the final product.

"Some" Details

For those of you that have multiple lenses, we will work toward further understanding the merits and limitations of each.

This course is limited to those who have already completed LBP101: Exposure. It is designed as the next step towards further understanding how to capture your artistic vision in the digital medium. For this course, a DSLR is required (it must be digital). You will also need at least one lens, the ability to download your images to your computer, and access to e-mail. This is a natural light course, and speedlights will not be used. A tripod is optional.

"More" Details

This course will not deal at all with photo editing, and all image submissions will need to be in .JPG format. It is important to learn to properly compose and expose your photographs in-camera before taking a picture, thereby reducing the need to edit images after they are shot, so we will be critiquing Straight-Out-Of-Camera (SOOC) images. Course will be offered interactively through e-mail. Most responses will be sent out in the evening within 24 hours of submission, but may take up to 48 hours. The course will follow a curriculum, but pace will be adjusted as necessary to facilitate learning. Course is taught by Robert Fuller, "Technical Specialist" and Learning Director for Lexi-Bella Photography.

Course is approximately 5 "weeks," or assignments, and will be taught entirely through interactive exercises with your camera and critiques of the results! The course will be tailored to each student's strengths and weaknesses with their equipment.

$1300- pp

Registration for this course is limited to a few students at a time. LBP101 is a prerequisite for this course and only LBP101 alumni are currently eligible for registration. For more information and to be added to the registration list, please e-mail us at Registrations will be processed in the order inquiries are received.

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